“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Having been in recruiting for the past 25 years, there is not a truer statement about your resume and its impact on job search. 

In looking at hundreds of thousands of resumes throughout my career, I have seen every format, font, paper color, mis-spelled or mis-used word, poor attempt at grammar, glamour shot picture, and countless other mistakes that led me to decline someone quickly. 

Developing a solid resume is not an easy task.  From my experience, however, there are straightforward tips that everyone should apply when developing their resume.

Below are the tips I have given thousands of times to make a resume truly standout from others.

I have been laid off twice.

Lucky for me I had the guidance and expertise of an Outplacement coach providing a set of services along with helping me through the emotions and process.  The value of the support I received far outweighs any cost my previous employers paid.

Now more than ever company leaders are facing difficult, “gut-wrenching” decisions regarding their employees. Furloughs? Layoffs? Or not? It is important to not only make the right decisions for the business but just as important is to provide the right support to impacted employees.

The value of Outplacement (or Career Transition) Services to an employer is well documented and should always be considered in an effort to:

  • Minimize potential litigation
  • Preserve your employment brand
  • Gain tax benefits

Yes, these are huge benefits but more importantly it is just the right thing to do and is expected by today’s employees.

You probably are thinking you would never be in this position.

“I have been here for X years!”

“I've made this place tons of money over the years!”

“I have been loyal and sacrificed many times!”

These or similar thoughts with more colorful wording are probably running through your head.  Unfortunately, you are where you are now and most likely feeling a little clueless on where to start to find your next job.

Now more than ever, job search is a challenging and emotionally frustrating process that can take a great deal of time and effort before you land the right opportunity.

Seasoned veteran or just a few years into your career, this article is intended to give you practical guidance and help getting started and making the search process easier.

Here are 5 tips to help get you on your way to your next great career opportunity.

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