You probably are thinking you would never be in this position.

“I have been here for X years!”

“I've made this place tons of money over the years!”

“I have been loyal and sacrificed many times!”

These or similar thoughts with more colorful wording are probably running through your head.  Unfortunately, you are where you are now and most likely feeling a little clueless on where to start to find your next job.

Now more than ever, job search is a challenging and emotionally frustrating process that can take a great deal of time and effort before you land the right opportunity.

Seasoned veteran or just a few years into your career, this article is intended to give you practical guidance and help getting started and making the search process easier.

Here are 5 tips to help get you on your way to your next great career opportunity.

Recently Alliance Advisors conducted a 4 part webinar series that featured leaders from Alliance Advisors, Alliance Staffing, Alliance Systems , and Alliance Technologies - Actionable Insights for your business for Your Business in Response to Covid-19. Our very own Kirk Ross was asked to present and was featured in Part 2 to discuss how to remain attentive and proactive in identifying and bringing the right talent to your organization during difficult times.  Click read more for the direct link not only to Kirk's session but to the entire series.  Be sure to check out the other 3 segments in the playlist!


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