You probably are thinking you would never be in this position.

“I have been here for X years!”

“I've made this place tons of money over the years!”

“I have been loyal and sacrificed many times!”

These or similar thoughts with more colorful wording are probably running through your head.  Unfortunately, you are where you are now and most likely feeling a little clueless on where to start to find your next job.

Now more than ever, job search is a challenging and emotionally frustrating process that can take a great deal of time and effort before you land the right opportunity.

Seasoned veteran or just a few years into your career, this article is intended to give you practical guidance and help getting started and making the search process easier.

Here are 5 tips to help get you on your way to your next great career opportunity.

Get yourself organized

Before you start sending out resumes to every job posting you see online or you connect with anyone for networking, take some time to determine a system and the resources you need to support your job search process.  It doesn’t have to be anything overly complex or costly, but you do need something to monitor your progress and process along with certain resources for your search to be a success.  Being organized out of the gate will pay benefits in keeping you on task.

Develop a plan

Much like getting organized, developing and having a plan will provide huge benefits to you.  Creating your plan kick starts your efforts and provides you guidance on not only what to do, when you will have it done and how you will track progress. Pieces of your plan should include: your goals, target roles, target companies, your personal brand, tasks and your schedule, measures, etc.  There is no perfect plan but establishing something basic to start and pivoting as you need to will keep you on the right path to your next role.

Be targeted and deliberate

In job search, knowing what you are after and taking a deliberate approach to getting it delivers the results you want in a shorter period.  Knowing and targeting the industries, geographies, companies and roles you want will lead to success.  This approach keeps your focus tight to your goals, your search simpler, your message clearer and your process more straightforward.

Get your arms around your personal brand

Clarifying your personal brand and conveying it effectively is a large determining factor in not only getting the attention of employers but also in ensuring you are positioned as the right person.  It also aids you in targeting the right job opportunities and employers that align with it.  Your personal brand should be woven into and throughout all the aspects of your job search.  Determining your personal brand can take time but its impact helps focus you and accelerate your job search.

Be kind to yourself

Job search can be and is an emotional roller coaster.  The uncertainty and stress of the process can take its toll on you and those close to you.  So, don’t forget to take time for yourself to either continue with or develop healthy habits and activities.  Exercise, reading, meditation, connecting with friends/family, eating right or a multitude of other things should be considered as not only an outlet to recharge and release stress but also as a support mechanism for you.  Here’s an idea.  Make it part of your plan!

I hope you were able to take a couple of tips away from this article that you can quickly leverage in your job search.  I wish you all the best in your efforts and if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to me today.

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